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Mostly clear

Struttin’ Time:

Season was like a T-baller in MLB

Turkey season is over and I ended up looking like a T-ball player trying to play in the Major Leagues.

My second trip to Little Creek Ranch was as big a bust as my first. I have hunted with Bill Anderson, the owner of 6,600 acres, since 1994, and I have never hunted more than two days without tagging out. I was in for the shock of my life when my friend Gary Harper and myself hunted a total of 10 days and never got even a shot.

I only saw two turkeys; Gary saw seven. But it was our last couple days of hunting and the gobblers had gone back into their winter mode and would not answer.

I am now looking forward to the drawing of my moose hunt in Maine on June 9. With my luck this year, I am holding out hope against hope. My next real for sure trip will be in September to hunt black bear in Maine with my friends Frank and Cathy Lawler. This break in action will give me the time needed to mount a fight against the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife’s plan of cutting our turkey season from a full day to “you need to be out of the woods by one.”

The Department fails to realize some hunters work the day shift and can’t get into the woods until after they get off work. This is really a bad plan and I hope to mount a strong fight against it. In my opinion they are anti-hunters. Look at what they have done to us, just in a few months — taken away some elk tags, raised our license fees, and for lack of space in The Mountain Eagle, let me just say the Commissioner spread corn on the Kentucky River behind his home to make it illegal to hunt there. That reminds me to follow up on what they did to him. Well enough said.

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