Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Dealing with a hot, muggy day

As I write this it is one of those hot summer days when you just want to lay back, drink a cold drink, watch a Cubs game on the flat screen, and let the world pass you by. But things need to go on.

It’s early in the morning after fishing for catfish all night, which had to be cleaned and of course be fried this evening. Then there is the equipment that needs to be put away; can’t let it stay in the truck. Remember, we were cat fishing, and that bait smells really bad.

As the day wears on it gets hotter with every passing minute, making everything one tries to do a real chore. Then there are things like giving away the minnows that were not used last night to the neighbor. There’s no need to just kill them by throwing them out. Even walking across the road to do that brings a ton of sweat as carrying the minnow bucket becomes almost impossible, although the neighbor’s is no more than 200 yards away.

Can’t sit in my favorite chair yet, as I’m sweating too much, so I get a towel and dry off. As is approaches 90 degrees, I think I will just do Struttin’ Time, enjoy a cold one, and wait for the Cubs game.

Oh, I forgot about the fish I cleaned. They will keep just fine in the freezer as I wait until a cooler day to fire up the grill and fry them.

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