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Struttin’ Time:

Hunts have yielded many trophies



I am amazed at the amount of mail, e-mails, texts, and telephone calls I still get from readers of Struttin’ Time.

I understand fully that even an anvil has a life, but then needs to be replaced or at the least repaired. With all the years Ben Gish and countless others put into Struttin’ Time, I figured it would have met a quite death sometime ago. But if the requests I get for this or that is any indication, Struttin’ Time is still going strong.

This Struttin’ Time column is about one of those request from several loyal readers — asking me to please display my trophies that I have written about in Struttin’ Time for many years. Remember, every one of these animals was taken “fair chase.” It never before dawned on me that after you and I finish the hunt and you read Struttin’ Time you never see the finished product.

Remember, I use every part of my harvest that I can; nothing goes to waste. Ben Gish has agreed to work with me on showing our trophies, so we will be doing them as space allows because of the number of trophies I have.



So to Michael, Richard, Cecil, and Vik: Here you go per your requests to see the trophies. I hope you enjoy. We try to do what out readers want.





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