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Struttin’ Time:

A look at some more trophies

I have gotten some really good feedback on last week’s Struttin’ Time column. I saved these certain photos of trophies for this week, because they may need some explaining.

First you will notice the mounts with the skull faces. Those are the worst deer mounts ever made for me, and I will never go that certain place again.

Here is what happened: I was in an elevated blind when I saw a buck top the hill. I let my arrow fly and the buck went back over the brim of the hill, I looked and there stood the deer, although I was for sure I had made a good shot. I put in another arrow, let it fly, and watched the deer go back over the brim of the hill again. I could not believe I had missed, but I saw what I saw.

When I walked to the top of the brim, there lay two deer beside each other, both killed by the arrows I shot. Still, those mounts are just not for me.

Then there is the ring neck pheasant. I got him in South Dakota, without a doubt the cheapest guided hunt I ever went on, but never went back again. It is like my elk mount, which you saw last week. I never wanted to elk hunt again and never have.

As for my full mount turkey, one of the finest friends on this earth lets me hunt on her property here in Letcher County. She has for many years and I thank her.

The funny looking deer came from Maryland. He is a Sika deer, and there is an open season on them in Maryland. You hunt them in the coastal region.

My 13-point buck was killed in Estill County, and my bobcat was killed off my farm in West Virginia. While these are not all my mounts, I hope you have enjoyed seeing photos of them. Thanks to the readers who asked to see them and to Ben Gish of The Mountain Eagle for taking the extra time to print them.

See you next week with more stories (but no mounts).

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