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Struttin’ Time

Keeping an eye on issues in Tips on winter trips

There are some legislative bills we need to watch that are important to hunters. Remember, anytime the lawmakers are in Frankfort, we are in danger.

As true sportsmen — and keep in mind that someone who kills out of season, or hunts without a license, or kills over limit, is not a true sportsman — we need to keep a close eye on HB 141. This bill gives someone the right to kill a black bear if they think their lives or property are in danger. Sounds good on the surface, but anyone that hunts black bear, and I fall into that group, having hunted for them in several states, knows that black bears are very shy, and to attack a human would be totally out of their nature. Some people have been attacked, but neither is it common, nor the norm.

I fear this law would open things up to the lawless person, who falls into the group I mentioned above.

Next is HB 173. We need to oppose this bill, because it would open up land that is now closed to ATV’s. We have all been enjoying the peace and quiet of a hunt, and without fail, here comes someone riding by on a four-wheeler. Hunt over, day ruined.

As I told you before, when lawmakers are in, we are in trouble, that holds double for the Senate. Any bill that you see come from that chamber puts us at risk as soon as the ink dries. SB 64 would require that our commissioners must have their approval. The Governor now makes that call after the sportsmen send in their choices of whom they want. It has always worked in the past, no need to change it now.

We always have a better chance of killing bad laws in the House, so contact our State Representatives, and voice your concerns. As a former lobbyist I know no matter how bad a bill is, it will pass the Senate, and it will hurt us.

Wish I had some good news, but that will have to wait next week. Till next time hug an old person or a child and tell them you love them.

Wait a minute, was that Jack the Ripper I just saw go by? And I think I heard foghorns.

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