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Want to join squirrel hunting trip?

I have been asked a few times recently when my next hunt is. Well, I hope it is the third Saturday in August, the day squirrel season opens.

For many years, a whole group of us from Letcher County would load up and head to the Daniel Boone National Forest, formerly named the Cumberland National Forest. We would hunt on the Laurel and Pulaski county line, just across the Rockcastle River, on mostly the Pulaski County side. We camped at Big Lick and could walk right out of camp and start hunting.

I have seen as high as 40 of us from Letcher County be there for opening day of squirrel season. I can remember coolers of squirrels being hauled from there on our return trip home.

Those were the days, in the late ‘50s, until our last trip in 1999.

This year I would love to retrace those steps, hunt the same trees, and enjoy the same camps as we did long ago. I know many things have changed since then, many of our hunting buddies have gone on, the young people don’t hunt, and the old ones that are left either don’t care or are too sick to go.

I plan on reliving opening day of squirrel season this year. It may be my last chance to be young again. From now through July, I am going to be giving open invitations to some of the young that went with us on those trips to go with me. I just want to remind you, those young people are now dads themselves. Also some of the ones my age, I would like for them to go with me, for one last chance to bring back some great memories.

Get up with me, if you would like to go, even if you are not one of our old cast, you are welcome to go. Let’s do this.

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