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Struttin’ Time:

He is one happy hunter this week!

I am so happy and thankful to be doing this edition of Struttin’ Time. I just endured my second major surgery in eight months. The miles, and years seem to be catching up with me FAST.

I am also excited to find out that what is printed on the sports page of The Mountain Eagle doesn’t stay on the sports page of The Mountain Eagle. I have had several people contact me about stories I have written after reading them from as far away as Wyoming.

Today I was put into shock, although I didn’t need to be, because I am recovering from my surgery of July 6. I received a call asking me if I knew that when you went to the Bluegrass Army Depot website there is a story I had done on hunting there in 2015. I told the caller I never had a clue, and he asked me if the hunt there is worth the trouble. As I was trying to figure out if he was telling me the truth or not, I went to their website and there it was, Struttin’ Time.

Although I never made it plain I enjoyed the hunt, the story was about me having such a bad year. I told the caller that if he didn’t mind a ton of “do’s and don’ts” it is a good day of hunting, although I have hunted there now three times and never saw anything to shoot at.

I see deer and turkey almost each trip I drive past the Army Depot, which I do almost daily so I know the game is there to hunt. I guess with some of the ranting I do about how some things are done, nobody wants my name to get drawn for a hunt. Trust me, people who know me know I am really a good guy. I have never been asked not to come back and hunt with anyone, and I have had some outfitters and guides let me hunt without any pay.

This happened again while hunting with my friend Bill Anderson at Little Creek Ranch in Kansas. He never even charged my hunting buddy, Gary Harper, who made the trip with me.

Well, I think if I am lucky enough to get my name drawn to hunt at the Bluegrass Army Depot this year I will make sure I say something good about them. Not getting drawn since 2015 should tell me they never liked what I had to say.

See you next week.

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