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Struttin’ Time:

It’s always better with friends

Because of many different reasons, I haven’t been myself lately. This is the first Struttin’ Time I have felt like writing in many months. I feel good, and yesterday reflected me getting better both physically, and mentally.

We all remember as kids getting the old 22 rifle, a new box of 22 shells, and going out back to shoot the old tin can full of holes. Yesterday, I stepped back into time with two of my friends, and did just that.

I was invited to Gary “Doomsday” Harper’s farm, along with Gary’s son Phillip Harper to sight in some rifles. I took my 300 Win. Mag, that I plan on using in Maine again this year to black bear hunt, and my 17 Savage, that I haven’t hunted with in years. That 17 brings back so many memories, of me getting rid of coyotes. Many of those nasty critters have left this world, thanks to my 17 Savage.

Then one day I looked around, and all my buddies that went with me where gone. It is not much fun to call in coyotes, hunting alone. I had to laugh when I told Phillip about us buying a box of 22 shells, for fifty cents a box. Phillip is young and it is hard for him to get his mind wrapped such crazy prices as that. He ask me if I could take the 17 squirrel hunting, I told him the shells was much too expensive to do that, he answered, you can buy a box for less than ten dollars, can’t you? I just looked at him, grinned, and went on shooting.

Doomsday, who will be going to Maine with me this year, was making sure his new 36.06 Remington semi-auto was spot on. After a few shots it was.

Being with Gary and Phillip, walking to the back side of his farm, taking time to spend time with friends, and gaining strength back from my surgery, took me back to a time of my youth, at time where we had fun, and enjoyed our day with a fifty cent box of 22 shells.

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