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Struttin’ Time:

Cherish time with daughters

Sometimes it is just nice that we can go back in time — back to the time when my youngest daughter hunted and fished with me. Back to the days before other men were important to her, although she still is “Daddy’s Girl”.

Although I trusted another man — her husband — with her over 15 years ago, she still likes to go fishing with me every chance we get. This past week was one of those weeks.

You Struttin’ Time readers who have only girls, like me, soon, will know what I am talk about if you don’t already. Your daughters will want to go fishing and hunting with you until they get a certain age, then they would rather go to the movies with some young man. It will break your heart.

As the years pass so fast, you will sit in wonder and think, where did my baby go?

My oldest, Angie, was and still is a bookworm, but Nema loves to get out on the pontoon, fish and spend time with me. I love it.

This week, Nema called and asked me if we could go fishing on Friday night to our favorite catfish hole. I never had to think twice. We arrived at the lake about 7 p.m. and I was shocked that only a handful of people were there fishing. It was a beautiful night, gentle wind blowing, fish biting, and the weather just right.

Nema and myself watched as the full moon came up, and the quiet of the evening swept over us. Within a matter of a few minutes we had already landed four catfish, about four pounds each. As I took her fish off, and rebaited her hook, my mind went to when she was small enough for me to carry on my shoulders. Time has made a change in the old homeplace, not for the better.

Nema and myself have a special bond that time will never change, nor replace. She was, is, and will always be, “Daddy’s Girl”.

Spend all the time you can with your daughters; they will not be with you long.

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