Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Saturday will be a good day

I am as excited about this coming Saturday’s opening day of squirrel season as I have ever been. As I have traveled around I have seen lots of squirrels in every direction. Now let’s just make sure all of our equipment is in order.

My dad loved to squirrel hunt and traveled far and wide to follow his favorite sport. In his day he had two sets of hunting clothes — the green set for squirrel season, the brown set for rabbit season. He always had the best of guns. His squirrel gun was a Browning Auto Five with a full choke 30- inch barrel. His rabbit gun was a Browning Auto Five, with a 26- inch barrel with modified choke.

In those days the choke was built into the barrels, not a screwin. Camouflage was unheard of and squirrels were carried in old powder bags bought from the Army surplus store, or brought home from the coal mine. Insect spray was unheard of, and before paper towels were invented a hand full of leaves always worked. I remember Dad saying after paper towels came out that, “one of these towels is worth a hundred leaves.”

I remember my dad always taking his Browning to the backyard and shooting it a couple of days before season. He would then clean it that night. Brownings cost too much these days, so we always hunt now with cheaper shotguns. It’s a shame that Brownings are out of the reach of common people, as they always have made a quality product.

No matter what gun you choose to hunt with, go into the woods and take a kid with you and enjoy one of the few pleasures we have left in this life — making memories in the woods.

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