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Struttin’ Time

My old mind wanders from time to time and I was thinking recently about my old friend, former Letcher County Clerk Charlie Wright.

Charlie was always a world class act. There will be, without a doubt, someone who will dispute that, but this is not a debatable issue in my world. Most Letcher County people my age knew only one county court clerk, and that was Charlie Wright. Charlie was a hunter and used to sponsor a squirrel gravy breakfast every year. He would tell all of us to bring him our extra squirrels.

Among the things I remember most about these gatherings were all the out-of-state hunters that stopped by to go with us to the national forest for a Labor Day hunt. Charlie would say, “Steve when the gang gets here, no matter what time, call me at home and I’ll come over and fix their license.” Sometime it might be 2 a.m., but he always came.

One time when we had a split season, and we ended up on the wrong side of the river, we were hauled to Somerset to court. The judge called Charlie after we told him “our clerk” told us that part of the county was open. The judge still fined us, but sent us on our way without paying because Charlie had agreed to pick up the tab.

I doubt the youth of our county will ever be writing, when they are 62 years old, about the time someone opened up the courthouse at 2 a.m., or paid their fine, or had a squirrel breakfast, or was in office for around 52 years.

I still remember the song Charlie Wright played on radio at election time, “Oh, Come, Angel Band,” and his famous words that anyone my age still has burned in their heart, “Remember, it’s not how long you serve, it’s how well.”

Well this old five and dimer has to sign off now; it’s time to turkey hunt. I will leave you with this thought from Winston Churchill — “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

Reminder: The next Letcher County Kids’ Day event will be held Saturday (May 2) beginning at 10 a.m. on the old Stuart Robinson School/Calvary College Campus on Highway 7, between Letcher and Blackey. Hope to see you there.

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