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Struttin’ Time

Bad things happen to good people

I need to start this week on a down note, and hope to get happier as we go along.

Yes, bad things do happen to good people. I will talk about two things that were brought to my attention this week.

First, the death of my friend Steve Frazier. I had known Steve as long as he was on this earth. I have always had a deep respect for his family.

In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Steve and I hunted together, and both coached Little League teams. I sold Steve his first blue tick beagle. Steve loved to rabbit hunt, and had some good rabbit dogs. I saw Steve during Christmas in the Park and asked how he was doing.

Steve said, “I’m still above the ground.” That was Steve, and I will miss him.

As if I need to have any more proof that bad things happen to good people, let’s talk about my friends Frank, Debbie, and little Anne Campbell. No one can find any better people than this family anywhere. They always do the right things, and yet I learned Debbie’s business burned to the ground

My heartfelt I’m sorry. Life sure isn’t fair. Hang in there, and things will look up.

Turkey season opens on April 17. Now is not the time to be in the woods doing pre-season scouting. Where you find them now, may not be where they are on opening day. Turkey habits change with food, weather, and pressure from people or animals. This is a good time to get the old gun out and knock off the rust, and to get the calls back in shape.

Check your hunting clothes and make sure your pattern meets the time of year. You don’t want to wear dark brown when the woods are starting to green up

I personally think the idea of starting season on the second Saturday of April is a great plan. We need to press for this law.

More next time, as always hug a child or old person, it may be the only one they get all day.

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