Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Are you a lazy hunter with ATV?

I hope you had better weather there for first day of archery season than we did here. It rained cats and dogs in Estill County and the lightning danced across the sky.

If you did your pre-season scouting, like you should, you know what time the deer are coming to your feeder. Caution, just because you see them on a trail camera coming in at four in the afternoon, plan to still be in your blind or stand by daylight. Deer have no clock and could come in at anytime.

Another thing that is supposed to help hunters — the trail cam — like the ATV’s has made many hunters lazy. Are you one of those hunters? I still put on my backpack and walk to where I am hunting. I will use an ATV to help me get part of the way, but good old boot leather is still the best. Hunters look at their trail-cam, and say, “I can sleep in tomorrow morning; the deer are not coming to my feeder until 10.” But ask yourself, “Have I ever killed a deer while lying in my bed?”

I still hunt the way I was taught to years ago — get up early, have your hunt planned, and follow that plan. Remember all the modern equipment we have as hunters, is just an aid, not the final say if we get our prey or not. It is still boots on the ground.

I will be accepting any and all fair game hunting stories through hunting season. Have a safe and productive hunt. My e-mail address is filo@irvineonline.com.

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