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Struttin’ Time:

Returning to Maine for black bear

I am almost there already, at least in my mind. It is time for our Maine black bear hunt again with Gary Harper, a name you may remember from our spring turkey hunts to Nebraska and Kansas — the trips that earned him the nickname of “Doomsday.”

Last year we moved our hunt in Maine to the middle of the season because of Maine’s weather. I used to hunt there during the first week — which is the last week of August — but it was just too hot. So I moved it back until the third week, and it was still too hot. When I killed my black bear last year it was 82 degrees and way too hot for big black bears to be roaming around. I was just lucky.

This year we will start hunting on September 17, and I hope it will have cooled off enough for a good hunt. One thing that will make this hunt fun is it is a free hunt. All I need to pay for is getting there, and getting back.

I traded a turkey hunt with Pine Grove Guide Services. They hunted turkey here, free of charge, I hunt black bear there, free of charge. If you are planning a good black bear hunt, please check with Frank and Cathy Lawler, of Pine Creek Guide Service. They are the real deal, and as of this hunt, they have put me on bear every trip. I have also found them to be the most reasonably priced service in Maine.

I hope not to jinx myself, but this is my sixth season with them, five bear down. I have gotten a few Struttin’ Time stories about deer hunts, and I plan to write about them upon my return from Maine.

Till next week, good hunting, and be safe.

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