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Struttin’ Time:

How will we handle black bears?

When I was heading out the door to Maine for my annual black bear hunt, something I was told had me steaming after it came back to what little mind I have left.

While talking to a person I had just met, he said, “Well I hear you are heading to Maine black bear hunting. I told him, “I try and go every year.” He said, “I hope you don’t hunt over bait, that is a terrible way to hunt.” I asked him why and he said, “To draw game in to kill them is not hunting in my book.”

Me not having a care about what I have said in the last 70 years, I looked him in the eyes and asked, “Do you deer hunt?” He answered, “Don’t we all?” I then asked him, “You put out corn for the deer? Do you have feeders out?” His answer: “Why you know we do.” I then asked him, “What is the difference in baiting deer or black bears?”

The man looked as though he was trying to find the difference, but he was having trouble. Then he said, “It is against the law in Kentucky to bait black bears, but it is legal to bait for deer.” So I said, “It is legal in Maine to bait black bear and also deer. Do you think Kentucky is ever going to come out of the dark ages and get with the program?”

Let me let you in on a little secret. Black bears are going to become such a burden on the people of Kentucky, the Department of Fish and Wildlife will have to open baiting as a way to control the black bears. Every day you see where a black bear is in someone’s yard. It may take a few years, but it has to happen.

In closing, I hope that neither you nor me run into that idiot in the woods. If we do we need to run. There will be no Struttin’ Time next week. I will be in Maine hunting black bears over bait — or with dogs.

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