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Learning from Appy Trail walkers

With my Maine black bear hunt now behind me I am getting ready to head to North Carolina on October 10 to hunt more black bears.

I scored on Wednesday, my third day of hunting, at 6 p.m. sharp. It was a 179-pound boar, nothing to brag about, but a nice Maine black bear. As I travel on these trips I meet some interesting people, this trip was no exception.

This time I met a group of people hiking the Appalachian Trail. It is 2,150 miles or so long. This group started along with 4,000 others in Georgia on March 24. When I met them in Maine they were 150 miles from the finish line and there were less than 400 of them left. Everyone was in a good mood, with not one ounce of quit in them. I shared a blueberry pie with them at the lodge I was staying in.

Nicer people, I have never met. They were business people, doctors, and a couple of attorneys just enjoying life. I learned they tried to do no less than eight miles per day, depending on the path they had to take that day. When close to a town, like the one I was in, they would rent rooms to shower and sleep in a bed instead of tents and sleeping bags. They visited the local laundromat to wash their clothes, meet people like me, then move on.

They had a goal, and nothing was going to stop them from reaching that goal. I learned many things from them, which is what we are suppose to do in this life. They were all razor thin, they ate healthy, they never smoke, and if they took a bottle of water with them, they brought back the empty bottle.

As I looked at my stomach hanging over my belt as I ate the foods that makes me the way I am, I thought: What a difference in cultures.

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