Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Is our way of life disappearing?

As I arrive in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to black bear hunt for what I am thinking will be my final hunt there I can’t help but feel an old friend is moving.

There is a lonely feeling in my heart for a place I have hunted since the 70’s, but I am well aware that things in life change and I look around and see how much change has come to this area.

Very wealthy people have come into this area and bought up small tracts of land, built nice summer homes, and posted land that is not even theirs. Years ago, when I first started hunting here, I could walk for days, never smell the wood burning in a fireplace, never hear a dog bark, or see another human.

Those days are far behind us and will never be brought back. I have told you before, my faithful readers, that I am glad I am on the backside of this journey we call life. The way of living that our forefathers and people like me have enjoyed is almost over. Who knows, I may be lucky enough to leave here before I see my way of life disappear.

With a world gone mad and greed at every turn it may end sooner than later. That is so sad. God gave us this beautiful earth to tend, but we have not kept the weeds out of the garden. I will give a full report on my trip upon my return.

Have a safe hunt wherever you are, and enjoy.

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