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Struttin’ Time:

Firearms season opens Nov. 10

As another year of hunting gets to the final days with peak rut just around the corner, I am so proud to hear of no accidents that involve hunters. Please let us keep it that way.

Anytime we do things to give anti’s something to attack us on, they sit back and laugh and hammer us to death with it. A few years ago, I stood face to face with an anti, that told me, “We will stop hunting one acre at the time”.

When I see our women or men that have grown up in eastern Kentucky get mad when we hunt, I am amazed. There is no doubt that their dads or uncles hunted, fished, or spent time in the outdoors. But they are against hunting, the same people who call the Department of Fish and Wildlife whenever a black bear shows up in their yard.

I get at least a message a week, “Steve, there is a black bear in my yard, what should I do?” My advice, do nothing. They won’t harm you, just make some noise, they should leave.

I have some people, that I have hunted with their dads, ask me, “Why did you kill that; was it bothering you?” My answer is always the same, I hunt to eat, and we eat most of everything I kill. We even use the fur, to make decorations, and mounts.

I have been one of the people, that my lifelong friends just say, “Well that is just Steve”, and let it go at that.

I am well into my 70’s, and still hunting. I started when I was 6 years old. When we stopped eating deer meat, and found it harder to give to someone to eat, I stopped deer hunting.

Firearms season opens in Kentucky on November 10. If you hunt, please wear hunter orange, be respectful, don’t litter anyone’s land, even yours, and please be safe. Please, if you get a deer, don’t put it on the hood of your truck and run around the county with it. Treat it with the respect it deserves, take it to your house, and work on getting it ready for the freezer. Anti’s love to film or take pictures of hunters doing things that are stupid. Send me your stories about your deer hunts, and we will be proud to tell the world. Although I will not be with you in the woods, my spirit is always with my fellow hunters.

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