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Struttin’ Time:

A good year is winding down

This year is almost over for Struttin’ Time, and what a fun journey it has been.

Hunting in Florida in March with Ms. Kate at Watermelon Pond Plantation, helping a neighbor from Minnesota get his “Slam” after not giving up for two years, and then going out west in April to hunt Rio’s and Merriam with Gary “Doomsday” Harper.

While out west, we got caught in a blizzard eight miles from the lodge, and our first day of hunting was moved back because of 4-degree weather with a 30 mileper hour wind. Although I tagged out on my first day of hunting, Doomsday missed a long beard and had to eat his tags.

Then it was on to Kansas, where for the first time ever — and I have been hunting there since the eighties — I never saw or killed a turkey. Neither did Doomsday. We even went back a second trip, with no better luck. Then we headed into the woods of Kentucky with three of my friends from Maine. It rained for the five days we hunted, but I hope to do better next year.

Our next stop was in Maine to once again black bear hunt. I tagged out on Wednesday; Doomsday never saw anything. Then it was off to North Carolina to black bear hunt, and I got my black bear on Thursday.

So with the fun we have had this year, can we say anything bad about 2018? We have traveled many miles, nobody got hurt, and the old truck has performed as expected.

There will be two more editions of Struttin’ Time for this year, and in them I will share some of the deer hunting stories.

Until then, be safe, be happy, and we will see each other next week.

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