Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Getting organized has been tough

I have two high profile hunts coming up this year. Both are out of the country and both have been tough to navigate.

My grizzly bear hunt to Alaska is still hanging, as the outfitter that I am booked with is ready to cross the Silent River. I paid my deposit with him in 2017. It just goes to show you how things can change in a heartbeat. I am hoping for his recovery. It is much too late into the game to get another grizzly hunt for this year.

My moose hunt to Saskatchewan has fared somewhat better. My nephew decided he wanted to go with his dad and me. The problem is he had trouble paying the outfitter although he had the money, because, like his dad, he doesn’t have PayPal. He and the outfitter finally agreed upon a bank draft.

On the wild turkey hunting scene, the season in Florida opens on March 18. I hope to be there. I will not go west to hunt this year until after I hunt Kentucky, as I just signed a new lease on the farm four of us leased last year. The difference is this year I went it alone. This way I need not ask my buddies if this or that one can hunt. It is my lease and nobody else has a say.

When the Kentucky season opens I will be hunting on my 200- acre farm with Melissa Jones Blair, a young lady I have known since she was born. She loves to hunt and is a vice president of Wildlife Women.

I still have a few openings for hunts this year. If you would like to hunt with me, let me know and we will try and work it out.

Well, let’s hope this Struttin’ Time gets us back on track. See you next week.

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