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Struttin’ Time:

This turkey hunt will cost you nothing

Time is flying by, with the month of January almost in the history books.

First, some unfinished business: As of this writing, I have been unable to get the facts about the rumor that many of the black bear hunters in Letcher County last year were arrested after being accused of hunting over bait. I have sources looking into this claim, and we will get to the bottom of this.

Now I just one day left to hunt with someone in Letcher County during this year’s turkey season. To answer a question that has been asked of me many times this year, there is no cost involved with going turkey hunting with me. I even buy the breakfast, if we meet early enough, and the lunch. I don’t buy supper, because the hunt usually never lasts that far into the day. If I charged you, then it would be a job for me instead of a day of fun.

I will be leaving for Florida on March 11. The season opens there on March 15. I will again be hunting Watermelon Pond Plantation, but I will be guiding the first three days. If you need your “Grand Slam” this would be the time to get it. My truck is heading that way and you could be in it.

My western hunt will start later than in past years. The season in Kansas will open on Wednesday, April 10. I am always there, hunting on Little Creek Ranch, but this year I plan on taking that trip after Kentucky season, which opens April 13. I am booked solid in Kentucky until April 21, then I will head west. Again, if you need a Rio for your “Grand Slam,” my truck is headed that way. You may as well be aboard.

To my oldest Struttin’ Time reader, Ms. Nina Craft: Thank you for being a reader even though you are not a hunter!

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