Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

There’s room in truck for a passenger

As we get closer to Florida’s opening day of turkey season, the more I feel the need to remind you hunters that my truck is heading down that way on March 12 to the Watermelon Pond Plantation. If you need to get your wild turkey “grand slam” you are welcome to ride with me.

The season opens in Florida March 16, and there is no other place to get your slam. I have learned over the years that some hunters never look outside the box, and are content with just hunting Eastern wild turkeys. That is fine, but I really like hunters that think outside the box.

It seems that it gets harder to prepare for these trips, mentally and physically. My body just is not in high gear like it was many miles ago. I will be hunting more in Kentucky this year. As normal, I plan to hunt with my dear friends in Letcher County. I love spending time with them. I also will be hunting on my leased 200-acre farm in Estill County, and will be bringing some friends here from both Maine and here in Kentucky. Hunting is enjoying time with our friends, whether we take game or not.

Many of my happiest times while hunting have been spent on the back porch or in the kitchen having coffee with my friends. I am concerned that many young people are losing out on the “getting together with friends” part, and if they don’t kill their game they just give up.

I have spent the better part of this week sanding, chalking, honing, and making sure I will have no surprises when I get into the woods. One thing I need to remind myself almost daily is to make sure I have a good knife when I am hunting. My dad once told me that a good sharp knife in the woods is something you can’t hunt without.

I have gone through my calls to make sure nothing has been damaged or broken. For my second straight year, I will use a VooDoo call made in Whitesburg by my friend Cecil Adkins. I hope my crew gets a chance soon to hunt with Cecil. I don’t have a clue when that will happen, but we will keep trying.

I have noticed that my lifelong friend and former neighbor Riley Caudill is also a full-fledged Struttin’ Time reader. I hope to get him in a group photo soon. A finer fellow I have never met. He could probably teach me a few tricks about hunting.

Until next week …

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