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Struttin’ Time:

Jerry Ray Barker is missed already

Sadness has touched our little hunting community, and we have suffered the loss of one of our finest Struttin’ Time readers. Our friend, Jerry Ray Barker, of Whitco, has crossed “the Silent River” to hunt and fish before us.

Jerry owned Anchor Paving for many years, and many young Letcher County men have worked for him. Jerry was one of the founders of the Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. He stayed active through both thick and thin, and I don’t recall him ever missing a banquet. Jerry was our go-to guy.

When I went to the meeting of the Little Shepherd Chapter, to ask for help for the first time with the Letcher County Kids Day Committee, raising funds to get it started, Jerry and Raymond “Pap” Brown were the first two on the floor offering support. I never went to Jerry one time, what he didn’t help me with a cause.

I hunted with Jerry many times; he loved the children and worked hard to promote their cause. Jerry tried never to miss a hunt with anyone, or for any season.

The last time Jerry hunted with me was at “Pap” Brown’s dove shoot. I have pictures with him; he wore an old straw hat.

Born in 1929, Jerry left us February 20, 2019. Never a better fellow in my world; some as good, none any better. Letcher County will miss our old friend, that shirt unbuttoned, his tan, and that smile on his face.

Save some game for us, ole friend, we will all be there soon.

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