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Struttin’ Time

Weather may impact hunting later

It’s time to take pen in hand once again.

First, let me say that if I stop doing Struttin’ Time, you the reader, will know about it first. I hope I will be around for a while, and if and when The Eagle
doesn’t want us anymore, they will tell me.

The reason for that statement is I received several calls asking me if I had quit, that they couldn’t find me in the sports section. I assured them I was still here, and then I got a call telling me that I was still there, just somewhere else. So please look other places before you panic. Thanks.

I attended a National Wild Turkey dinner recently. I spent over $100 before I even got seated. But let’s take a trip to yesteryear. I remember just a few short years ago, we had no turkeys to hunt. Season didn’t open in Kentucky until the ‘80s. Although it seems like a lifetime, we have only hunted turkeys for 30 years. Thanks to a lot of hard work, and a lot of money from these people and dinners, the turkey is here to stay.

Youth turkey season opens on April 3 and runs through April 4. Now is the time to be getting that special youth ready, and that means sending them to get their Hunter Safety course out of the way.

My friend Will Connelly and I talked at length this week. Will works for the state teaching the course, and ask me to pass along that he will be having classes at the County Extension office on February 22, 23, and the final day will be February, 27. I have my Hunter Safety card, do you?

Last week I talked about the Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. The program really flourished under Will Connelly. He was a great president.

Get the young person out in the few weeks between now and opening day and let them build excitement. Buy them some new camo, shoot their gun, go with them to class on February 22. Let them learn to call, and get them some new calls.

I must retract a statement I made a few weeks ago. I stated this should be a good year to get that big tom. If the snow doesn’t stop and the weather doesn’t warm, there is not going to be anything left. No deer, no turkey, no squirrels, no nothing.

I wish that anyone with a good connection to their God would ask Him to make the bad weather go away. I suppose if God can heal someone, although they just want to die, then He can give us good weather. Thanks for your help.

The game is dying because they can’t find food; this is a killer winter.

The regular season for turkey cranks up on April 17 and runs through May 9. Just because a youth killed during Youth season, is no reason to leave them home. They are allowed two bearded birds. So what if you don’t get a chance? Let the young person shoot first.

The Little Shepherd Chapter will be having its dinner at the Pine Mountain Grill on March 6. Doors open at 5 p.m., dinner will be at 7:30 p.m. I will be there I hope; go out and help a good cause. We will share some old stories.

Till next time remember, our sport is on its way out unless we get young people involved. Hug and kiss a youth and an old person this week, let them know someone cares. It may be the only one all week.

P.S. Remember to ask for a change in weather the next time you pray.

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