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Struttin’ Time:

Friends, and family, will make this trip

The time is up, the day is here. By the time you read this my youngest daughter, Nema, and myself will be fishing and hunting wild boar on Watermelon Pond Plantation near Archer, Florida.

We will be fishing and hunting with my dear friend and outfitter, Kate Boulos. This is a trip I make every year, but this year it will be extra special, as my daughter will be with me. Although we try and fish together several times a year, it has been many years since she has traveled with me to hunt.

Our agenda is laid out and we will probably try and get as far from it as we can. The first couple days, we will wild boar hunt and fish, then on Saturday turkey season will open and I will guide and maybe turkey hunt a little. Of course she is a woman first, hunter second, so she will try and get some beach time.

On Sunday, my friend Richard Mullins from Mayking will join us and will turkey hunt. On Thursday, my friends from up north will join their favorite guide for some scouting, getting ready for the opening day of season. Rhett Rossi and Jamie Malcom have hunted with me for many years. Both are from Illinois. Mike Gopher is from Wisconsin and hunted with me last year. I called in his Osceola to finish his “Slam.”

Of course I worry when I take my daughter into “gator, snake, wild boar” infested swamp, and the dangers are everywhere. My biggest fear is if I was to get her hurt is upsetting her mother, who has already warned me to just keep heading south if that were to happen. I told her, “We are hunting Florida, the land runs out.” Her reply: “Then you better learn to swim better.”

I am excited — and I am now a member of the YMCA swim class.

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