Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

It appears that fewer youth are hunting

As I sit here and watch the rain pouring down, the thought in my mind is how many of our young turkey hunters got their turkey yesterday while the weather was nice. How many went back into the woods this morning with it raining?

I recall in my youth the weather never seemed to stop me. Now clouds alone almost keep me inside.

How the miles and years change us, and sometimes not for the better. I remember just a few short years ago, I would have gotten a ton of messages already from parents, telling me about their child’s hunt. I could feel the excitement in the message, and together the parent and I would piece together a story about their hunt.

Those days are long gone, thanks to those children growing up and fewer children hunting. This time of year there is a void in my world, but my grandmother would say, “even an anvil has so many strikes”.

Our season opens in just a few days. Are you ready for April 13? I don’t mean ready to get up on Saturday morning, drink a cup of coffee, and head out the door. I mean, have you done your homework? Have you gotten all your calls together, made sure your gun is clean, made sure you have done some scouting, and have a good idea where the turkeys are? Do your clothes still fit from last year?

If you have a youth at home, please take him or her with you and let he or she do the shooting.

I would rather one child get a nice long beard than me get 10.

I have two turkeys already this year. I hope to make it six more, but if I don’t, all is well.

I had a great hunt in Florida with some of my friends, and of course my daughter, and having fun is just part of the plan. Getting what you go after makes it complete.

I have done a lot of scouting this year, and have seen many turkeys. They have just been on the wrong property here.

I may need to change plans mid-stream, but that will be fine. Have fun, be careful, and take a child along with you if you can. I will be heading to Kansas after hunting a couple days in Kentucky. Wish me luck.

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