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Partly sunny

Struttin’ Time:

Delaying trip West was the right move

With wild turkey season underway now, I hope you have tagged out and you’re on your way to fixing that turkey you got.

I chose to delay my trip West for a few days, and man am I glad I did. Again this year in Nebraska, where I have hunted often these last few years and have never gotten a break on the weather, they were again in the middle of a blizzard. Wow, here it is the middle of April and some of those western states are again being hammered.

I stayed in Kentucky this year to hunt with my lifelong friend, Melissa Jones Blair. I hope to give you a full report when I return from out West. I grew up, as many of you know, in McRoberts back when everyone knew everyone. Melissa is one fine person, and I went to school with her family, the Mullinses.

Never a better family ever came from that hollow. Melissa’s mother, Retia Mullins Jones, married Larry Jones, the son of longtime minister Ralph Jones. Larry himself followed his dad’s footsteps and saw a need in the Kingscreek area and started a church there.

Melissa is the vice president of Wildlife Women, and is doing her best to promote the outdoor life. With a family tree like Melissa has, she is not only on the right path, she is blazing the way. Melissa is married to Sean Blair. I have known them both since they where kids. Good people. How time flies.

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