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Struttin’ Time:

It was a fun spring turkey season

With turkey season now in our rear view we are looking forward to spring squirrel season, which opens on May 18 and runs through June 21.

I hope each and every one of you had a great hassle-free turkey season, and of course got your turkey. But even if you didn’t get the turkey, I hope your trip helped you to better understand the true meaning of hunting, getting outdoors with your friends, or just sitting alone listening to the sound of the night creatures going to bed and the day creatures waking up. Most importantly, watching the hand of God at work as He brings the daybreak or the night fall.

I am sorry some of us did not get to hunt together this spring, but we still have fall season and the spring and fall squirrel seasons. As I still can count somewhat, I have hunted with about half a dozen of my friends and family and I need to thank them.

I hunted with my daughter, Nema Brewer-Candy, we’re in Florida, where she got a nice 238-pound wild boar with a knife. I love hunting and fishing with her. I hunted in Florida with my friends Mike Burke of Minnesota, my longtime friend Richard Mullins of Mayking, and my dear friends from Illinois — Rhetta Rossi and Jamie Marcum, whom I have traveled the country with turkey hunting.

I went to Kansas with my friend Gary Harper. He got a nice Rio, but his “Double Bull Blind” got blown away in 60 mile an hour straight-line winds. It was the first time he had used the blind. Then I hunted with another lifelong friend of mine, Melissa Blair, who is the vice-president of Wildlife Women. We had a blast. I hope all you women will join the group. Remember, you don’t need to be just a hunter to join.

I promise to try to hunt with everyone who has asked me. We will talk more next week about spring squirrel season.

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