Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Spring squirrel season and mulberries

Do you remember as a kid growing up in Letcher County, when about all we had to hunt were bullfrogs, rabbit, raccoon, groundhog, grouse, quail, and, of course, squirrel?

Things have changed over the years. One thing the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife did right was to start stocking game in our Commonwealth. Now thanks to their programs, we have added deer, turkey, and elk to that list. Thank you for moving us forward with game to hunt.

I remember mulberry season, which came in the spring. We still have it, although it is now just called spring squirrel season. I used to hunt them with a .22 single shot rifle my granddad gave me. Those where the days when I learned how to hunt and how to enjoy the great outdoors that God gave us.

I started going hunting by myself at around 12 years old. My dad seemed not to enjoy mulberry season as much as he did regular squirrel season.

That was fine with me. It allowed me to make tough choices that are still with me today like dealing with which was the best path to get to the tree the squirrels were cutting.

Well, spring season is here and by the time you read this it will only be a few days until it opens. I would love to hear some of your stories, about you taking some young people hunting. They don’t need to take a single shot .22 rifle, but they can have a blast. Get them off the computers and into the woods on May 18. I promise it will be a fun time.

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