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Struttin’ Time:

Help us with special Struttin’ Time poll

I need to ask a favor of our readers. Today is the drawing for the elk tag. I stopped putting in years ago when I realized I was kicking a dead mule.

I had applied in Kentucky ever since we had a draw until 2012, when my name got drawn in New Mexico after I had applied just four years. They have a point system there. Although I got a nice bull elk — it scored 199 — it is not the monster that some people get in Kentucky, scoring well above 300. But I got drawn, got to hunt, and got my bull.

Some of my friends have passed on thinking this was their year, but it wasn’t. I never stayed the course, and the funny thing is I have had no desire to hunt elk again.

Now back to my favor I am asking of you. If you applied in Kentucky and get drawn please let me know. I am doing a survey this year of how many applied, how many got drawn, and where you are going to hunt.

You know, this is just a Struttin’ Time poll and won’t shake up the hunting community. If you will help me out I will really thank you, and it will be fun. Thanks. I will be waiting to hear from you.

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