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19 elk hunt hopefuls reply to poll

Well, so far we have gotten 19 replies from our unofficial poll of the number of hunters who have had their names drawn for Kentucky’s elk hunt and the number that applied.

Of the 19 who applied and got back with me, a total of two had their names drawn. What I love about this draw, although I don’t apply anymore, is the fact these hunters keep hoping “this year is my year” and they never lose faith. Similarly, I have applied for the moose hunt in Maine for 32 straight years.

For the ones whose names haven’t been drawn, I suggest they apply in other states, like I did in New Mexico. In the fifth year I was on my way there to hunt. I never had another desire to hunt elk, or even to apply anywhere else, after I got my elk there.

Other than Maine, not many states have moose. That is why I am heading to Saskatchewan, Canada in September to moose hunt. No draw there, you just buy your tag from an outfitter and he will handle your hunt from start to finish.

My grizzly bear hunt got derailed with the death of my Alaskan outfitter. I had paid my deposit to hunt with him this year back in 2016. It wasn’t meant to be.

The last two animals on my “bucket list” are moose and grizzly bear. Unless something happens, I will leave my journey here on this earth without hunting the grizzly.

If anyone else would like to share their thoughts on the elk hunt drawing, we will keep our poll open another week or so.

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