The Mountain Eagle
Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

One hunting dream ends, one survives

Here it is, June already. Time waits for no man nor reason, I have been told.

This will be my first year in many that I will not be going to Maine to hunt black bear. I love hunting with my friends, Frank and Cathy Lawler. We have had a great run together and I have left Maine each year with a black bear with one of those two guiding me. If you are interested in a black bear trip to Maine, I can still get you in with Pine Grove guide service, although the deposit period ended in May. Just let me know.

Bear season always opens there the last week of August. This late with the deposit season finished, you may need to back up your hunt to the middle or last of September. That is when I hunt. It seems to me it is too hot to really do any good in August anymore.

When I started hunting Maine, in the Eighties, August was the way to go. But as the weather has changed I don’t hunt now until the middle or last of September. Again, just get in touch with me and I will put you on to some of the best guides in the state of Maine.

This September I will be heading to Canada to hunt moose. I have waited a lifetime for this hunt. As a little boy growing up in McRoberts I would lie awake at night and dream of hunting a grizzly bear and a moose. I have now given up on my grizzly bear hunt in Alaska, with the death of my outfitter, so that is one dream that will fall by the wayside.

My moose hunt will come finally come true in a few weeks.

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