Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Reflecting on loss and retirement

Sometime it is a good thing to just take a minute and reflect on what is going on around us. This is such a time.

First, let me say that another of our hunting friends has crossed “The Silent River”, but me not living in Letcher County nowadays puts me at a disadvantage with knowing which of our hunting friends have left us, unless someone from their family contacts me and lets me know.

Such is the case of Bobby James Ison, 86 years old, of Jeremiah.

I had the pleasure of meeting him when he and I were in the Little Shepherd Chapter of the Wild Turkey Federation together. He was involved in the Kids Day events, picking up trash along the highways, and everything else that he was ask to do. Bobby was one fine man, and he will be missed.

I would like to ask forgiveness from his wife, Mrs. Anis Ison, for not being on this story sooner, but I only learned about his passing while reading The Mountain Eagle last week.

Next, on a brighter note, I read in The Mountain Eagle where my lifelong friend and Fire Chief Gary Mullins, of Whitesburg, is retiring. Gary is a top shelf man, and has done many things for the people of Whitesburg, as well as Letcher County. Because of Gary Mullins and his love of children, the Letcher County Kids Day Committee enjoyed many a Kids Day, that could not, and probably would not have happened if not for his leadership.

Gary and his lovely wife, Lee Anna, have been on the front lines of making our area a better place to live. Enjoy your retirement, my dear friend, you have earned the right to enjoy some days just doing nothing, although I don’t believe you will just stop helping, and fade into the past. From this writer, you are one of our finest.

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