Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Reflecting on loss and retirement

A Struttin’ Time with nothing but good news this week!

Where has this year gone? I know many are not into hunting right now, as there is nothing to hunt. Squirrel season has closed for another spring, waiting for the third Saturday in August for the fall season to begin.

Deer and turkey season with archery is still a few days off, but you need to make sure you are ready. Although I don’t really take time off between seasons I know some of you do. But should you? I think not. The reason I say that is because just staying on your toes a little bit now can reap big benefits later.

What about those few extra pounds you have gained during the offseason? Will your hunting clothes still fit? Is it time to replace your bowstring?

My nephew never once went on a deer hunt without breaking a string. He not only didn’t get the deer, but had to replace his broken crossbow. It was like a dry fire when the string broke, it busted his crossbow.

What about your boots? Remember you must keep your wheels in good shape. As your boots go, so do your feet. Then there are replacement kits for your Thermacells. Did you forget to turn it off the last time you used it and all the fuel seeped out?

What about your rain gear? While crawling under that barbed wired fence last season, did you rip it?

A hunting season should not end just because it goes out of date. I think I have written enough for you to get the picture. Until next week, get ready now for some fun days in August.

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