Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

No snake bite would be any fun at all

I read in The Mountain Eagle that several snakes have either been sighted or killed in the McRoberts area. Most of them have been rattlesnakes, but please keep in mind that even a blacksnake will bite you. Although a blacksnake bite will not kill you it can still make you sick.

If you by chance get bitten by a snake — the chances are slim but can still happen — the first thing to do is figure out which kind of snake bit you. That will be important information when you arrive at the emergency room. Different snakebites are treated with different type of serum.

As a child growing up in McRoberts, it was almost a daily thing to run across an old snake lying on a rock pile, just taking a break. But the thing I learned fast is just leave the darn things alone. I have seen blacksnakes stretch out to over six feet long, while going up a wall to get a mouse, so they help.

Copperheads, now they can get mean fast. The best thing to do with them is take a wide berth. The rattlesnake is a different creature altogether.

Dad said, “If a snake starts singing to you just say these few words, and they work every time: Lord, feet don’t fail me now.”

Be careful every time you are outside. I don’t think getting bit by any snake would be fun.

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