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Struttin’ Time:

Do they really call this progress?

When I was a kid growing up in McRoberts, my grandmother used to say to me, “Son, even an anvil has just so many strikes.”

I used to wonder how in the world you could ever wear out something as heavy and as stout as an anvil. Later on in life, I am that anvil.

Squirrel season opens August 17 and has opened about now all my life except a year or so when the date was changed to Labor Day. That was short-lived after the squirrel hunters of eastern Kentucky stood up and cried foul.

You see, almost every squirrel hunter headed out for a Labor Day weekend of squirrel hunting, camping and fishing. They would start arriving in the national forest on Thursday evening or Friday morning, set up camp and head into the woods. But when the season was set back, that couldn’t happen, and the hunters rebelled. It got moved back to the third Saturday of August and has been that way ever since.

I have seen as many as 45 hunters from our area hunting and camping around Lake Cumberland. They brought coolers full of squirrels back to Letcher County for Charlie Wright’s squirrel gravy breakfast. Yes those where the days, and wonderful days at that.

But it has come time to change the anvil, which has taken too many strikes during its lifetime. Now instead of the kids waking up on August 17 with the stars as their canopy, they wake up with the screen of their computer flashing out who knows what. And we even came up with an expression for it — “The progress of man.”

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