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Struttin’ Time:

Taking a break for a 40-hour drive

You readers know each and every week that I sit down to do our Struttin’ Time, I am just like I am about hunting. If that thrill leaves, so will I. Unless my lifelong friends at The Eagle pull on some stories from the past, there won’t be any.

I leave for Canada the day this story hits the streets. I am so excited to take my moose hunt that I have dreamed of for a lifetime. I won’t be able to let you know about the hunt till I return, but be assured, I will.

I have gotten several pictures of Struttin’ Time readers of the hunt of the elk they have taken, but no real stories. Once I get the stories to put with the pictures, we will be talking about them.

As I prepare for my once-ina lifetime hunt, I can’t help but to be amazed at the battle that is happening within my body. I must fight it each and every day, if you are an active person, you already know my battle, my mind says I can, my body says no, I can’t.

I will be able to answer this question somewhere during my moose hunt, then both you and I will know the answer.

This trip is a 40-hour drive, that says much, one way. It will tell me either I am still made of what it takes, or the miles and years have left me just a shadow of myself.

Wish me luck, a safe trip, and I hope to talk to all of you again soon.

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