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Struttin’ Time:

A long drive for a very short hunt

As our longtime readers know, I have always said the hunt is about the adventure, and this hunt to Canada is no different.

We have written for weeks about our journey. It has been a laugh every week, with something going on with Carl Jr. or Carl III. When we left off last week we were at the lodge and ready for the hunt to start the next day.

We were assigned a guide, and he would be our leader for the next six days. We were expected to be up and eating breakfast by 4 a.m., out the door by 5 a.m., and loaded into our trucks and leaving by 5:15 a.m. As I said, I had never in my life seen that many new white GMC’s except on a dealer’s lot.

We pulled out in order, but not before Carl Jr. filing a complaint with the outfitter about leaving so early. I learned years ago never to try and out-guide the guide. He is the one that lives with your quarry, everyday, knows their habits, and is the one you are paying to get the job done. Guides want you to kill what you are hunting for, because they usually get a bigger tip if you do.

Although leaving two hours before sun came up seemed excessive to me, I never opened my mouth. Carl Jr., on the other hand, not having hunted with many outfitters with a guide, well, he just had to say something. It wasn’t long before I found out the reason we left so early. We were hunting on the north end of the reservation, almost 80 miles from the lodge. We saw whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, and a few moose. We also watched a bald eagle hunt.

I got to watch as God let the sun rise on another beautiful day. We walked, called, laughed, and watched beaver chirp at us (we knew we was living a dream) in a world God has loaned us. After a 10-hour, 10-mile walking hunt, we took our weary bodies back to the truck for our 80-mile trip back to the lodge.

The next day would bring the same times and the same things to do. Carl Jr. And Carl III, not used to hunting on a structure, told me on Thursday night they wanted to come home. At $1,000 a day they wanted to forgo the last two days. I had no choice but to return with them. We pulled into my driveway on Sunday after an uneventful trip.

Struttin’ Time readers, I hope you now understand why I say it is not about the kill, but what goes into the overall experience. It took us the better part of the month to talk about getting there, with just a short story about the hunt.

I have several deer stories from our local hunters to share with you. We will start on them next week.

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