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Struttin’ Time:

Women are picking up the slack

As longtime readers of Struttin’ Time know, I have written for years my thanks to the women who have stepped up and into the hunting world. With the declining numbers of men hunting, the women have helped to fill the gap.

Groups such as Wildlife Women enjoy many things together, not just hunting. This week, I want to remind you about such a woman who sat on the sideline for many years, but is now taking her place in the hunting world. Her name is Michelle Niece.

After sitting around for years wondering what it would be like to deer hunt, she found out on the opening day of firearm season, while hunting on the Peabody Wildlife Management Area in Ohio County, out in western Kentucky.

At 7:55 a.m. on opening morning, she put her 30/30 rifle to her shoulder, pulled the trigger on a nice buck, and got the job done. In her own words, “David Johnson called the deer in, but I had done the scouting, and of course the shooting. I do not belong to the organization Wildlife Women, but I have so much respect for those ladies.”

She went on to say, “I always wondered why David came home so excited over killing an animal, shaking with excitement, but today I got to experience it myself. Mostly I want to thank God for seeing me through, and feeding my family.”

Michelle, a longtime friend of mine has the touch now, and I wish her many more happy days of hunting — not just deer, but to hunt it all. Wildlife Women, please follow up with her. She would make you a great new member.

Next week, my lifelong friend Riley Caudill of Dry Fork is front and center.

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