Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Revisiting wild turkey transition times

I am sorry we took a detour from our transition periods last week, but we will make the finish line before season, I promise.

Today we will discuss transition period four. Remember there may be a five-day window, either way, five days before, five days after, but they will come. Transition period four should start in our zone, zone 2 on May 3 and run through the 18th.

During this period, the majority of the time hens are no longer available. Gobblers spend a lot of time going to their strut zones. This is an area where he has called up hens in the past, usually on points of ridges overlooking bottoms, or around old fields where the hens nest.

Gobblers spend most of their time strutting the zones, usually 10 to 15 minutes, before moving on to the next zone. Gobblers frequent these zones on a regular basis, which can be easily patterned.

Remember, knowing the habits and nature of turkeys is the most important part of calling a gobbler. Keep in mind, foliage is heavy this time of year, and turkey gobbling is not as far away as it sounded a couple weeks earlier.

Don’t try to get too close. Wait patiently in a strut zone for him to show up. This is a good time to hunt around fields.

Hens are not vocal during this period, and you should not be either. This is your best time for blind hunting.

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