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Struttin’ Time

Revisiting wild turkey transition times

Over the past few weeks I have attempted to share with you how wild turkeys act during certain times called transition periods. We took one week off to talk about other things, but got back on track last week with transition period number four.

If you are planning on hunting somewhere beside Kentucky (our season ends May 10) this next period — five — will be worthless to you. But who really cares? We print many worthless things here, but still have fun doing it.

Transition period number five starts within five days either way on May 18. That is in zone number two, which is our zone here. (I never took the time to see if any other zone two states are open after ours closes May 10.) During period five, gobblers will group together and return to fall mode with some occasional gobbling. The pecking order starts again, and if you are hunting in a state that is still open don’t go into the woods without the “Fighting Purrs,” which work really well.

Gobblers are the hardest to call up during this period, except for those that are still breeding hens that got broken up from nesting earlier. If you get an immediate response from calling, he will probably come to you quickly. If you hear him going away, he is heading to his strut zone, or just shock-gobbling. Poults will normally be on the ground at this time of season. If the season is still in, decoys work great.

Now that I have passed on this tidbit of worthless information, if you will keep the information about all the transition periods together, you will be ready to hunt.

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