Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Not every change is for the best

Nothing stays the same it seems, and in my opinion, not every change is for the best.

On this day last year, I was in Florida hunting with my daughter, Nema Brewer-Candy, and my friends Richard Mullins of Mayking, Rhett Rossi,of Illinois, Jamie Morris of Colorado, and Mike North of Minnesota. We were after wild boar and the Osceola turkey.

I had not missed hunting with Ms. Kate, owner of the Water Melon Pond Plantation in Archer Florida, since 1998. She sold the place to the State of Florida, and all we have now is memories.

I took many of my friends there to finish their turkey grand slams. The list, were I to name them, would be a long one, so I choose not to do that.

The state has closed the plantation to all hunting, to see if hunting there can continue. Without costing that state one dime, I can give them the answer — it holds some of the finest game animals in Florida. Open it back to hunting.

My hunting place in Kansas, Little Creek Ranch, where I have hunted for probably 25 years, had a lightning strike a week ago, and it burned all 6,000 acres. It took 11 fire departments to put out the fire, and thanks to them the buildings were saved.

So it’s the end of the Florida hunting era. Although I had other friends to hunt with down there, they have nothing I need. I have killed a truckload of wild turkeys, and even more wild hogs there. I would like maybe go back in August to ’gator hunt, but as far as I know I will never be there to turkey hunt again. Thanks for the memories.

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