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Struttin’ Time

Where is the on/off switch for 2020?

This year has been a mess. I wish there was an on-off switch for 2020. This is only March, and more bad things have happened, than the whole year of 2019.

Have you ever had a dream that was really a nightmare and you hoped when you woke up, it would all be gone, but when you went back to sleep, the whole thing would just come back?

Welcome to the nightmare of 2020. Since the first of the year, my wife Sharon had an operation to replace her thumb (yep, they can do that now). I have had the flu, although I took the shot. I have had two operations, one on a busted blood vessel on my chest, and a operation to remove three teeth that just cracked for no reason, they just cracked.

Then along came this virus. It has closed everything down, including my hunting trip to Mexico. They closed the border so no cross, no hunt.

The stock market has crashed, leaving me with only a tin cup, and Army overcoat to raise money for the household things.

They sold the Watermelon Pond Plantation, thus doing away with my Florida hunt.

I remember the old George Jones song, “Things have gone to pieces.” People running to the stores to buy, of all things and clean out the shelves of, toilet paper. Are you kidding me?

News flash, my first few years here on this earth, we used Sears Roebuck, corncobs, and newspaper. Toilet paper is on the bottom of our list here to hoard.

I fully understand Struttin’ Time is supposed to be about hunting. It is hard to talk about hunting when we are in such a mess. All I can say about this week’s Struttin’ Time is it is more about the things that have gone wrong.

Let’s hope for better times, and that we will have a good turkey season.

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