Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Let’s escape into the ‘turkey woods’

Well, I am sinking more every day. With all the bad news, it is time for some good things to happen. It ain’t going to happen, not right now anyway.

I can’t believe some of the things I am hearing about this virus. Some people are saying it is a political move, some are saying it is terrorism; all I know is they are pure fools in my opinion. No question in my mind and, yes, if you are one that believes those crazy rumors, you fit into that side of the road, the wrong side.

Our beloved turkey season is supposed to open in just a few days. Let us do all we can to get alone in the turkey woods, listen to the night creatures go to bed, listen to the day creatures wake up, and take time to just forget all the problems we have right now. Listen to the gobble of a roosted gobbler, and the clanking of some old boss hens, as she directs the flock to the sound of the gobbler.

Remember now is the time to ready yourself for the coming season. Make sure you have not outgrown your hunting clothes, clean your firearm, and get yourself ready to hunt without rest, until you get the job done. I know, without a doubt, an hour in the woods, just being alone with what God gives us, is better than three hours listening to the problems of this world.

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