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Turkey season set to open — enjoy!

“ Then I awake and look around me at these four gray walls that surround me.” Porter Wagoner sang those words on his hit country song “Green, Green Grass of Home” in the ‘60s.

Fast-forward to today, and that is what all of us are doing — held hostage by a virus, trapped in our own homes.

At least this week turkey season will open (April 18). That will be a time that if we don’t leave our Commonwealth we can — if but for a short period of time — escape from our cells.

All of my out-of-state hunting trips for this year are now off. I am lost, even if I can get away for a few hours in the world God made for us to enjoy. It seems so hollow. No trip to Florida this year after hunting there since 2000; no trip to the West, after hunting there since 2003; no Maine trip, and then no Mexico hunt, with border closed.

Now I want my friends who are faithful readers of Struttin’ Time to sit down (not everyone who reads Struttin’ Time is a hunter), and just ponder on how fast life can change. For the turkey hunters, please go out into the peace and quiet of the mountains and listen to the old gobbler light up your world. And be thankful, that for the minute at least, that you are not around crowds — that you are well and that you are alive.

Take time for yourself and enjoy life while you can; there is no promise of another minute. Please stay safe, and let us get through this together, like our governor says.

Have a safe hunt this weekend. See you back here next week.

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