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Struttin’ Time

Barking dogs, other noise mars hunt

My hunting seasons have been messed up all year, but opening day of Kentucky turkey season gave me the chance to at least be in the game. All my other turkey hunts have been cancelled, and this one was left up to me.

Late last Friday I made the decision to go. I bought my license, washed my hunting clothes, oiled my trusted 9200 Mossburg that has been with me from day one in the early ‘80s. My plan was to go straight to the farm where I was going to hunt, here in Estill County, go straight to my blind, and have no contact with the outside world.

On the way to my hunt, I passed a country store where hunters visit all the time to swap lies and just enjoy each other. I wasn’t planning on stopping this trip. I looked, and sure enough, about 10 hunters were standing there, looking like a football huddle with smoke boiling from the group and us in the middle of this virus that killing people all around us. That showed me right away just how stupid some people are. Yes, smoking will kill you, but this virus will take you faster.

I drove to the farm, unlocked the gate, and started toward my blind while dogs from half a mile away were hammering down. I asked a friend a while back, “Why do people not shut their dogs up?” His answer, “They bark 24/7, there is no shutting them up.” Daylight came, and not only did the barking pick up, but as cold as it was, with rain, some people were out riding their ATVs.

I saw a nice long beard, but he never came in. I left at around noon, thinking, “Man I miss hunting in Letcher County, where I don’t need to put up with dogs and noise.” I never came into contact with anyone, and I hope to still make it to Letcher County this season.

Have a good season, and keep up the distancing. The life you save could be yours.

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