Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

More than 110 turkeys taken here

Here we are heading into our second week of turkey season.

I have had reports from my hunting buddies from several states, including Kentucky and Letcher County. All have reported a kill, some of them have tagged out already.

According to the Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources’ Telecheck results, hunters in Letcher County had killed 113 wild turkeys — all male — as of April 28.

Rodney Opell, of the Ashland area, got back to me on the second day; he had tagged out. Sammy Creech, of Jackson County, tagged out four days in. Rick Hardy has one on the ground, the third day in. Richard Mullins, of Mayking, has got a nice ole tom. Rhett Rossi, a hunting buddy of mine from the Chicago area, tagged out, and Jamie Morris, from Wyoming, also tagged out.

Then our friend from Florida, who at the last minute had to change his plans about hunting The Water Melon Pond. has killed one.

So it seems everyone is having a great year, except me. I have either been sick or the weather has been so nasty I just never went.

We still have time left to get on the board. Remember, best to hunt right now in the evening. The hens are all setting, and those long beards are lonesome and still hunting for stray hens.

On a personal note, I have enjoyed staying home when I am sick or the weather is nasty. It wasn’t many years ago that I would have been right out there, but I have learned, an old saying is true for me, “With age comes wisdom.”

Catch you next week.

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