Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Hunters harvested 159 turkeys here

Our spring turkey season ended May 10. The total harvested in Letcher County was 159.

Of those, 136 have been long beards and 13 have been jakes. Archery has accounted for two of the kills, and muzzle-loaders for one. I am thankful that we have gone through another season with no accidents. You can thank hunting safety courses for that.

I remember the day when squirrel hunt season was in, we would have hunters that were shot. I have never figured that out, but it happened. Spring turkey season closed on May 10. May 16, we will see the opening of spring squirrel season.

When I was growing up, it was called mulberry season. It was the time when we broke out our old single shot 22’s, using 22 short shells. I remember those days, and the old hunters like me remember the good times of trying to get a clear shot from a leafy black gum tree or a mulberry. You could tell ole Mr. Squirrel was in the tree from the shavings or empty berries falling, but it was almost impossible to get a clear shot, and when he moved, it was to another leafy branch. You needed to wait until he went to the base of the tree or a fork before you shot.

I miss those days. I know the season is still here after all these years, but seldom get the chance to hunt those days. The miles and years have taken a huge toll on your old friend, and the heat and bugs during spring squirrel season get me down fast.

Next week we will wrap up our 2020 spring turkey Struttin’ Time and get started doing some squirrel hunting.

Squirrel hunting is what fellows like me grew up on; it is now a forgotten season. Hunters like change, and now it is all about the size of the trophy, not the hunt, I am afraid.

Until next week, my friends, be safe and please let’s get through this virus, together.

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