Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Going into woods? Take bug spray

Daylight broke this morning just like it is supposed to as summer nears and mulberry squirrel season goes on. I could hear the limbs drop the heavy dew as the gray tails scurried to find their breakfast. Problem was it was so foggy and I could not see them.

Although I never killed anything, I was reminded what hunting is all about — taking the time to look for food to put on my table. Hunting is not killing; it is the experience.

At 75 years of age I am thankful I can still walk into the woods and see the hand of God at work. Please take some child hunting with a .22 rifle using .22 shorts. They will never forget it and the bond you build between yourself and that child will last forever, I promise.

Although I have not killed anything yet, I have until June 17, but killing a squirrel will just be a plus. I did have a problem that drove me straight to the shower once I returned home about 11 a.m. I had some ticks on my legs. They had crawled up my legs because I didn’t use spray before going through a field. This time of year please remember that using “Off ’ is a must.

I carry a ThermaCELL, so I sometimes forget to use Off. A ThermaCELL only works when you are sitting still watching a tree, so you will need to use both.

As usual, get me your stories and we will get them written. Until next week, stay safe and enjoy.

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