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Struttin’ Time

An unexpected bear encounter

These have been such beautiful mornings to be in a blind or tree stand watching the handy work of God as the moon sets and the sun brightens our world.

Sorry about not being able to write our Struttin’ Time last week. These computers have a mind of their own. Every time I would get something written, something would kick me off and I would need to restart. That got old fast. We are back and in true form.

I was hunting a few days ago when something strange caught my eye. I was against a big beech tree just planning a path when I looked and no more than 30 yards from me was a dark shadow that seemed not only out of place, but odd. I heard some thrashing and saw bits and pieces of dirt and wood chips being flung into the air. I eased down to a sitting position to see if I could figure out what had caught my attention. In the low light of dawn, I knew it was something that didn’t belong there but was there all the same.

The wind was hitting me square in the face, blowing across the figure in front of me. So I knew whatever it was would not smell my scent. As the sun rose more and started to lighten my surroundings I could hear a grunt just ever so softly, and just now and then. As my eyes focused more I could tell it was a black bear.

But a black bear in Estill County? No way, I thought. I am not back home in Letcher County, I am in Estill County and there are no black bears here. Wrong. As I watched, now in full sunlight, as the big boy wandered away I just began to hope people leave it alone and let him grow here.

I remember when seeing a black bear in Letcher County was odd, but now it is an everyday thing. I love it when nature heals itself, don’t you?

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